Warne Maxima Quick Detach Rings 30mm High


Warne scope mounts and their time tested products trace their roots back to the 1950s in Australia, half a world away from where the factory sits today. Warne has historically been an industry leader, pioneering the vertically split scope ring. Using innovative technology and design, Warne developed a reputation for precise, rugged, and easy to use steel rings and bases, all while providing extremely high value per dollar. With world famous features like indexable levers, sintered steel ring bodies, stainless steel recoil keys, and a highly durable, and attractive finish. The highly versatile Maxima line is equally at home Stalking Roebuck in Sweden as it is Whitetail hunting in the American Midwest.


  • Precise, rugged, and easy to use
  • Developed through years of trials and testing
  • For heavy duty or precision applications
  • Ring Height: High .525 inches
  • Quick Detach: 30mm. Color: Matte
  • Fits objective size: 50-56 mm
  • Warne indexable lever system
  • Unique square stainless steel recoil control key
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