Terms & Conditions


You must be 18 years old to purchase on our on-line store. (Must be 21 for certain products). You are responsible to determine that no laws or regulations prohibit your purchase or possession of air gun or optics products and that there are no other reasons that you cannot legally purchase or possess the product. We do not ship to PO boxes.

International Shipping

There are countries to which 961 AirgunZ ® cannot ship air guns or other products. Certain countries and have established certain limitations, and 961 AirgunZ ® reserves the right not to ship particular products to certain locations globally. If we determine a product is going to be leaving the country we reserve the right to cancel any orders.

***If your order is confiscated by your local customs agency, 961 AirgunZ ® is not responsible for the loss, nor will we reimburse you for the cost of the impounded products or their shipping cost.***

961 AirgunZ ® does ship accessories to a limited number of international countries (no air guns or optics). It is up to you to research and adhere to your local air gun & air gun accessory laws. The website won’t show the prohibited countries. There are some countries also that have specific regulations that we cannot ship certain products to. If you order a restricted product we may have to cancel your order. You have 48-hours from receiving your order to report any missing items or physical damage. Please test all your products to make sure they are functioning correctly as soon as possible. We have a 15-day return policy, returns of product must be defective and the refund will be issued in the form of a store credit.

Restocking Fee

Items that are returned for reasons outside of defectiveness will be subject to at least a 35% restocking fee. This amount may be higher upon evaluation of the situation. Price and availability are subject to change without notice. However, we do our best to provide our customers with up-to-date and error free product information. In the event that there is a pricing glitch or mistake, 961 AirgunZ ® is not obligated to honor pricing mistakes. If you place an order and it is found to contain a pricing error we will contact you by email or phone to inform you that your order can’t be fulfilled. Your credit card will not be charged if you used it to pay.


All optic warranty related issues will be worked with the manufacturer directly. Optics that have been mounted cannot be returned. Inspect the optic prior to mounting. Any warranty issued will be handled by the respective manufacture.

Airgun Warranty Policy:

Please remember that PCP Airguns are highly technical products with many moving parts, seals, etc. that will need maintenance over time. There are certain O-rings and parts that are not covered under warranty, but considered routine maintenance (breech O-rings for example). Due to the complexity of these products there are many times that incorrect use can cause issues. These type of issues can be evaluated and would not be covered under warranty (installing aftermarket power kit parts for example or incorrect tuning). *Defectiveness includes leaking guns, physical damage, and misfiring, non-functioning and abnormal performance. What is defective may be up to interpretation. 961 AirgunZ ® reserves the right to determine if a product is truly defective before issuing a refund. Accuracy: No Airgun manufacturers that we sell have accuracy guarantees.

**We will prosecute fraudulent orders**

•Because of the nature of the products that 961 AirgunZ ®, we must perform an extensive validation of orders purchased using credit or debit cards. This may include verification of shipping and billing information, phone calls to customers, verification of valid e-mail, cardholder information also cardholder authorization.

• Fraudulent orders will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. We reserve the right to speak to only the card holder. If a fraudulent order is suspected we will wish to speak with the card holder and a phone number must be given to us.

• The cardholder cannot call us.

• Order tracking and shipping information is available after an order that has been confirmed, billed to the customer and shipped.

•All payments are made through a third party payment gateway except local cash payments. We do not store any card or billing details for future use.

We will always do our best to help in whatever way we can. The focus of this business is you, our customer.

Please feel free to contact us on +961 81 204866 or Send Us a Mail on info@961airgunz.com directly if you believe you have not received the best service possible.

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