Sigma Outdoors Emergency Whistle


Sigma Outdoors High-frequency 120 decibels double-barreled Emergency whistle is a the ultimate helper for outdoor enthusiasts.
compact and easy to carry, Inner cavities is designed without beads.
A good calling tool for dog owners

Made from High quality 7075 Dialuminium , lightweight, easy to carry as key chain


Product name
Sigma Outdoors Survival Whistles
Aluminum alloy
Anodized Silver
length 56mm * width 15mm
Net weight
High-frequency double-barreled whistle

Multi Purpose use

whistle emergency

whistle for kids

Can be used for different purposes like locating missing persons, Sport, signaling for help during emergencies or attracting attention during outdoor activities, dog Calling Signal

The whistle is easy to use and requires minimal training, just blow the whistle to produce a loud sound.

whistle for coaches
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