Pocket Tac knife Sharpener 3 in 1


The Tac Knife Sharpener is a conveniently compact tool you can carry with you to make sure that your knives stay razor-sharp wherever you are. With tungsten carbide and ceramic sharpening rods as well as a fold-out diamond tapered rod, this mini sharpener repairs and hones a variety of knives quickly and easily.

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1. Unique interior design, very compact and lightweight.
2. Multi-function sharpening tool.
3. Pre-set carbides quickly sharpen very dim edges.
4. Specially shaped ceramic groove to trim the edges and sharpen the serrated blades.
5. Tapered diamond rod for grinding serrated and standard edges.
Under normal circumstances, it is recommended to use your tool once a week or daily to keep your blade sharp. After the tool is worn, wipe it with a damp cloth and then dry it. Use a soft brush to clean the metal blade or ceramic rod of the sharpener to keep the sharpener head clean.
Product specifications:
1. Material: tungsten steel.
2. Size: 82×28×13mm.
4. How to use: Place the left hand knife sharpener on the table top, another hand knife, and place the knife edge on the V slot with the right hand. Pull the knife back slightly and pull it about 4 to 5 times to make the blade sharp.

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