961 Sporting BlowPipe .40 caliber- 48″/122cm


Made from Sturdy 7075 Aluminum this 48″/122cm Sporting Blowpipe can throw darts up to 300fps, comes with a detachable Fiber front sight and an Anti Inhale safety mouth piece a Foam handle grip is included and a total of 48 different darts.


The 961 Sporting Blowpipe comes with a total of 48 different types/size/weight of darts.

Made from High quality material ensuring durability and harsh field use.

⚠️ Caution ⚠️: This Sporting Blowpipe is not a toy and cannot be purchased by people under 18years old.

Do not Attempt to direct it toward People or pets as it can be lethal or leads to fatal injuries.

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