Gun Cleaning Mat


lifetime warranty premium cleaning mat comes with a permanent High Quality screen printed visual diagram to easily identify the parts of your rifle. The Mat is made of a dark gray non-marring padded neoprene material with a durable non-skid rubber backing to protect gun finishes while helping to keep track of small parts. Excess oils and solvents are absorbed into the mat, keeping the surface clean and dry. Each mat is machine or hand washable with mild detergent and water, and can be rolled up to easily fit in your range bag

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  • PROTECT YOUR GUN AND WORK AREA – The soft thermoplastic soft fiber surface ensures that your gun won’t get scratched, while the Natural rubber and Neoprene backing protects your work surface and prevents the rug from slipping
  • QUALITY MAT CLEANING GUN -This cleaning mat is manufactured to a demanding standard that starts with the waterproof, opaque and dye sublimation resistant oil whose fibers have a lifetime durability.
  • No-Mar, Padded Neoprene Surface Protects The gun Finish
  • Durable Non-Skid Rubber Backing To Protect the Parts Finish
  • Absorbs Oils & Solvents Keeping the Surface Dry
  • Helps Keep Track Of Small Parts
  • Weight: 283 grams
  • size: 90x30cm/43x28cm

Includes exploded drawing, cartridge and lower dimensions parts are marked for easy identification

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AR15, AK47, Glock, 1911

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