LMBR R2A Digital Chronograph


The LMBR R2A shooting chronograph for airgunz, firearms and bows to measure your pellet speed and energy. A must have for setting up and adjusting your Air rifle for the best consistency. High model.


The LMBR R2A Chronograph is a speedometer for measuring speed and energy of your Air rifle. An absolute must have when you want to set up your Air rifle for the best consistency.
By shooting trough the LMBR R2A chronograph the display shows you the exact pellet speed and power of the rifle. The simple and decent design makes the chrono very easy to use.
This R2A model is extra high
The chrono can display metric (m/s) or imperial (fps) readings and it will calculate the power settings based on pellet weight and pellet speed. It is suitable for arrows, Airgun pellets and BB.
The R2A chrono is supplied with 2 AA batteries and it is possible to connect the R2A chrono with a external power adapter (optional). Also can it be connected to your PC with a USB to RS232 cable (not included)
The bottom has 1/4 UNC thread for mounting on a tripod.

Additional information


210x105x100 mm


990 gram

Measuring opening

48×120 mm


V [m/s] or [fps]

Kinetic energy

 E [J] 

Average kinetic energy

Esr [J]

Average velocity

Vsr [m/s]

Minimum velocity

Vmin [m/s]

Maximum velocity

Vmax [m/s]

Absolute velocity

dV=, Vmax-Vmin

Standard deviation

SV [m/s]

Pellet weight adjustability

0.01 – 25.00 gram


settable distance between sensors

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