Edgun Lelya 2.0


The Lelya 2.0 is a bullpup design that is meant to be short, light, and powerful.  The Lelya 2.0 uses a tension barreled method to protect the barrel from losing zero while transporting the weapon.  The Lelya is a proper bush craft gun for the discerning sportsman who prefers a long day afield rather than sitting at a bench.

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Weight, kg 2.9
Length (mm) 596.5 (in) 23.5 Inches
Height (mm) 209 (in) 8
Width (mm) 62 (in) 2.5
Tank volume (cm3) 178
Barrel length (mm) 390
Caliber (mm)
4.5 / 5.5 / 6.35
Caliber (in)
177/ 22/25
Working pressure (atm) 300/120
Lodge nut
Coating of duralumin parts -black
Optical sight mounting base -Picatinny
Moderator -built-in, eccentric

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4.5mm, 5.5mm, 6.35mm

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