Cleaning pellets – High Quality Felt Buttons (100 Counts)


Quick, easy cleaning for your pellet gun. Simply insert into the barrel and shoot or push through.

Cleans Brilliantly

Does an excellent job removing dirt, debris & lead build-up in any type of .177 cal pellet gun.

Durable & Absorbent

High-quality, super-absorbent felt gets all the grime-and won’t fall apart in the barrel.

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These cleaning pellets are the answer to your airgun barrel cleaning needs! Ideal for any type of pellet gun, they quickly, easily, and effectively remove dirt, debris and lead build-up from your gun’s barrel, so you can enjoy accurate shooting all season long—as well as prolong the life of your gun. They’re great when you don’t have a lot of time to clean your barrel, and they work especially well for guns with a barrel design that makes it difficult or impossible to use a traditional cleaning rod or flexible pull-thru cleaning kit.

WARNING: Cleaning pellets are too light in weight keep so keep your muzzle away from facing any body part/pets or precious objects, make sure to use them is safe place having a safe distance ( shooting range/club, outdoor etc…)

Due to their light weight these cleaning pellets speed will exceed the speed of sound and will cause a loud noise when shot.

Make sure to remove any type of shroud/silencer/moderator installed on the barrel before attempting to use them.


Additional information

Choose Caliber

.177Cal, .22Cal, .25Cal

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