SWAB-ITS .17cal/.177cal/4.5mm Gun Cleaning Bore-Whips-Pull Through


SWAB-ITS .177cal/4.50mm Pull-Through Gun Cleaning Bore-Whips Pull Through Cleaning Swabs. Washable & Reusable
(Set of 3 Whisps)
Made in the USA


A pull-through design in .177/4.50mm caliber, the translucent whip functions as an empty chamber indicator (ECI).

The Bore-Whip is particularly well suited for the demands of cleaning airgunz, while being equally functional on centerfire and rim fire.

A great range bag addition, the Bore-Whip simplifies cleaning and lubrication of more difficult to access guns like a rifle chambered in .17HMR or 4.50mm Airgunz.

Each tip can be used multiple times and should substantially outlast a similar priced bag of patches.

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