961 AirgunZ Silicone Grease 10ml Low Viscosity


961 AirgunZ Silicone Grease is specially formulated in low viscosity to be used for regulators & O-rings maintenance.

Made in Europe according to our company specifications that meets our high Standards.

Comes in a 10ml jar.



961 Airgunz Silicone Grease Lubricant.

961 AirgunZ Lube is a low viscosity Silicone Grease specially formulated for the lubrication of the internal- and external O-rings for all types of Airgunz including regulators.

Standard silicone greases are often thick and clumpy what makes it not very suitable to deal with dynamic movement of the internal regulator parts which often cause lack of steady and controlled movements of some moving parts such as regulator piston, Belleville washers etc…

This silicone grease is specially made in Europe according to our specifications and high Standards; it spreads well on the surface and has an excellent penetration grade.

Due to the low viscosity the grease keeps moving inside the regulator, leaving a constant thin lubricant film on all moving parts for a long time.

You can use this Silicone Grease for the maintenance of all O-rings in your Air rifle, like the internal pressure tube O-rings, pellet probe O-rings and of course its useful to lubricate the cylinder wall when you are fitting a regulator or pressure valves assembly inside the pressure tube. Only a few drops will be sufficient to maintain your rifle.
Silicone Grease is non toxic and made of silicone oil with a thickener, however it’s not suitable for human consumption or internal/external use on the human body.

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