Huma Digital Mini Pressure Gauge 28 mm. G1/8 BSP Threads 300 Bar


Huma Digital mini pressure gauge 28 mm with G1/8BSP treads. Black tactical cover included. Shows actual pressure in Bar. Great upgrade for many airrifles Max working pressure 300 bar.

3 in stock (can be backordered)


This electronic mini pressure gauge with a diameter of 28 mm is a great upgrade for many airrifles or fill sets
With the black cover included it is 32 mm in diameter. The height of the gauge is 24 mm. (excl treads)

With the just one button operation mode you can swich the gauge on and it will display the pressure in bar for about 30 seconds before going into the sleep mode again.
A large opening in the housing makes it very easy to change the battery and due to the cover it is fully out of sight.

Suitable for 300 bar working pressure. It has a G1/8bsp treaded bottom connection, what makes it suitable for several models of airrifles.
A micro Dust & debris brass filter is included to protect against all non welcomed dust to enter to the Gauge.

Never exceed the factory adviced fill pressure of your rifle.

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