Huma Digital Mini Pressure Gauge 25 mm. Black G1/8 BSP Threads 300 Bar O-Led Screen


Huma Digital mini pressure gauge, 25 mm diameter G1/8BSP Threads, 300 Bar working pressure with black body

This digital Pressure gauge 25 mm with black body has 1/8 BSP thread and has been designed to accurately read and display the pressure.
The air pressure can be displayed from 15 to 300 bar, with a maximum deviation percentage of 0.25%.

The gauge has a clear OLED display and shows the pressure in Bar.
At the front you will also find the on/off button. After switching the gauge on, it will automatically turn off after 60 seconds.

An USB charging cable is also included, Before first use please charge the gauge for at least 12 hours.

The gauge comes with a dust filter.

Great value for money!

Diameter 25 mm.
Body height 17,8 mm.

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