Patchworm Glow In the Dark Sight Paint Kit


PatchWorm Glow-in-the-dark Sight Paint Kit contains a high volume of phosphorescent pigment to achieve the brightest, longest-lasting glow available. It is very effective for dusk and dawn hunting and defensive applications where sight visibility is reduced.
The “Sight Paint Kit from 20/20 Concepts is easy to apply and improves quick visual pick up in low light conditions”


The key to its brilliance is the phosphorescent pigment in the glow paint. Unlike fluorescent paint, our glow paint becomes energized by a brief exposure to light (10 to 30 seconds for full strength). It glows brightly for an honest 30 minutes. The pigment can be “recharged” indefinitely. Will also be charged by intermittent doses of ambient light, where available.

This is not hobby paint, nor is it entirely opaque. “Opaque” paints often contain other pigments that mask the full luminescence of the phosphorescent pigment. Our glow paint contains one pigment – the one in the name.

Application is simple – just clean the sights with alcohol and apply a couple of thin coats of the glow paint. A vial of primer paint is included as an option if the surface requires better adhesion. The primer also provides a white background for enhanced luminosity, if needed at all. Very durable, the paint can remain intact for years, but can still be removed if desired.

Each vial of glow paint and primer contains 4 ml of paint. The kit will cover at least 30 gun sights – which is a very conservative estimate.

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