Sekhmet 28mm.Carbon Fiber Tactical Pressure Gauge Cover


Convert your big 28 mm pressure gauge into a sturdy tactical look with this carbon fibre gauge cover cap. Fits our 28 mm Wika gauges, the original FX Impact MKII 28 mm gauges and Sekhmet gauges.


Carbon fiber tactical pressure gauge cover cap for 28 mm. pressure gauges.

This carbon fiber gauge cover will give your 28 mm pressure gauge a sturdy and tactical look as it converts the hexagon pressure gauge into a round black tactical looking gauge.
The cover is made of solid carbon and has a push on construction what will fit your 28 mm Wika pressure gauges, original FX Impact fill pressure gauge 28 mm as used on the FX Impact MKII and the Sekhmet 28 mm gauges.

(This items contains the carbon fiber cover, the pressure gauge is not included)

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