Eaglevision Infinity Elevation Adjustable Mounts-30mm-Picatinny IPS-30


the IPS 30 is designed in a way that allows the scope to move vertically along a guided path. The mount is lockable in different positions using two screws.
It be used as low profile and adjusted to the high profile if your scope objective its too close to your rifle barrel or shroud.


Height: 68.25 mm to 77.75 mm (adjustable)

Profile Height: 23 mm

Adjustable Height: 9.5 mm

Weight: 81 g each

Centre of the ring to the bottom of the rail: 41 mm (in closed position)

Centre of the ring to the bottom of the rail: 51.5 mm (in open position)

Ring size: 30 mm

Rail size: 22 mm picatinny

Item includes:

2 x infinity scope mounts
2 x Allen keys (two different sizes)
5 x spear screws
1 x protection ring fabric
1 x waterproof case

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