EagleVision GoPro Scope Mounting System-75%-25%


This camera adapter (25%x75%) by Eagle Vision-England, enables you to mount your GoPro (5, 6 or 7) to your rifle scope using the Side-Cam system. A great solution for the shooter who wants to capture high quality footage but also wants to be able to look through the scope at the same time. The USH-46 universal scope holder allows you secure the camera mounting system to virtually every scope, as long as it has an outside diameter of 40 mm up to 46.5 mm. Approximately 75% of the image goes towards the camera, through reflection. The other 25% goes towards the eye. The camera adapter comes with a waterproof case that ensures safe and organized storage of the camera mounting system.


This Kit includes:

1x Side-Cam  75% to camera, (reflection), 25% passed to your eye, (transmission) system including a rubber ring and a 0 coil eye rubber cap. Ideal for a professional who aims for better quality of recording.

1x USH-46 the universal scope holder will allow you to connect any of our camera mounting systems to almost any scope from an outer scope diameter between 40mm-46.5mm. It will find the center automatically while you are tightening it.

1x GOPRO Housing 5,6,7 Black + 3x MUN-1 It allows you to connect GOPRO 5,6 and 7 to your side cam (please note; you are not be able to use your action camera directly without changing the lens to 12mm or 16mm Focal).

1x Case The new waterproof case will allow you to store your camera mounting system tidy and safe.

1x Lens that Fits GoPro 5, 6, 7 Black, lens 4K M12 1/2.3” 12MM X 0.35 ( short and Dust Cover can be Mounted )


Here are some valuable tips to help you record the best quality video:

1. Use a good scope with a decent lens and larger objective.
2. Use a high-quality camera for recording;
any action camera with a minimum HD ready at 240FPS is preferable.3. Obtain a good quality fixed camera lens.
4. Ensure that the scope and camera are set up correctly.
5. Use lower magnification with the scope, you will notice improved quality by using a fixed magnification, eg. 10×44
(We do not recommend over x 10 magnification with the most common scopes on the market).
6. An optical zoom is preferred over digital zoom, which makes a lower image quality.

Additional information


EagleVision – England


352 Gram


Aluminum -Black Anodized

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