Walkers Razor X-TRM Electronic Low Profile Muffs, NRR 21 – Gray


The Razor X-TRM series ear protection features gel-filled earpads and a premium cool mesh headband for the ultimate in cooling and comfort during those long, hot days on the range or in the field. An advanced digital circuit provides superior digital sound and thanks to a pair of hi-gain omnidirectional microphones, you won’t miss a thing. Bluetooth functionality allows you to pair this unit with your mobile device.



  • Exclusive premium mesh headband and gel-filled earpads provide cooling and comfort during extended use
  • 2 hi-gain omnidirectional, low noise microphones, frequency tunes for natural sound clarity
  • NRR 21db with lightning-fast sound-activated compression of 0.02 second reaction time
  • Ultra-compact and collapsible–sound dampening composite housing and recessed volume control knobs
  • Full dynamic range HD speakers for clear balanced sound–include audio input jack

Comfortable and adjustable, Walker’s Razor X-TRM Electronic Low-Profile Muffs feature an exclusive premium mesh headband and gel-filled ear pads for prolonged use out in the range or field.

These electronic muffs provide Walker’s tried and true hearing protection with lightning fate 0.02 sound-activated compression using two hi-gain omnidirectional microphones that are low noise and tune for natural sound clarity.

Ultra-compact and collapsible, these muffs are convenient wherever you use them.

Comfortable Ear Protection

Ideal for shooting ranges, the sound dampening composite housing provides an NRR of 21dB hearing protection. Recessed volume control knobs assist in this low-profile design that allows more freedom with your head movements without the muff getting in the way. The premium cooling headband and gel-filled earpads provide cooling and comfort during extended use. Full dynamic range HD speakers provide a clear balanced sound, and the included audio input jack allows connection of other devices to your headset.

Weight: 363 gram

Dimensions: 11.30 x 8.50 x 3.60 in
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