Recurve Straight Bow 52.75″- Pull weight from 30 to 50lbs


High Quality Takedown Recurve Bow, Aluminum alloy handle,  Reinforced High Strength Epoxy Resin, Ergonomic design concept is an essential choice for the archery training competition.



Product Features:
This archery recurve bow is sturdy and well crafted.
The grip is ergonomically designed and feels comfortable on the hand.
Easily assemble and disassemble.
The speed of the bow is excellent, arrows fly absolutely blazingly as fast as compound bow.

Product Description:

– Bow Weight: 1.5kg
– Draw weight: 30lb, 40lb, 50lb
– Bow length: 52.75”
– Bow riser length: 20″
– Bow riser material: Aluminum alloy
– Bow limbs material: High Strength Epoxy Resin
– Bow string: 14 Strands
– Hand orientation: Right handed
– Arrows material: Mixed carbon
– Arrow length: 31inch

Package Listing:
– 1x Takedown recurve bow
– 1x Arm guard
– 1x Finger guard
– 1x Arrow rest
– 1x Bow sight
– 1x Tubes arrow quiver
– 6x Arrows

User Notice:
– This is not a toy, please do not Direct it at people.
– Do not shoot against concrete walls or any hard substance, like wood rock or bricks. This might cause ricochet and hurt yourself or damage the arrows.
– Do not exceed the draw weight, or it will damage the limbs.
– Do not attach the arrow to the bow for a long time, or it will reduce the draw weight.
– If the feather have a little bent, you can straighten them by using an air dryer or soaked in hot water ( put the vane into 80 -90 Degrees Celsius hot water for a few minutes), it will recover the original shape.

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