Huma Extended Scope Rail With Barrel Stiffener &Tensioner Kit For FX Impact


Huma-Air Extended Precision Picatinny Scope Rail Kit With Barrel Stiffener And Carbon Fiber Barrel Tensioner for FX Impact Provides maximum stability and stiffness to your barrel.


Huma-Air Extended Precision Picatinny Scope Rail With Barrel Stiffener And Carbon Fiber Barrel Tensioner Kit For FX Impact MKI, MKII and M3*

The Huma-Air extended precision picatinny scope rail with build in barrel clamp and 20 mm carbon fiber barrel tensioner kit combines all the attributes you want as a long-range or high power shooter!
The extended picatinny rail with its 280 mm of length, is around 70 mm longer compared to the factory scope rail.
Specially for the long distance shooters we canted the top picatinny rail in a 30 MOA angle to increase the vertical adjustment range of your rifle scope for longer distances. To improve the accuracy of your rifle, the scope rail is not just screws to the action with the 3 top screws, but we also made a milled keyway into the rail so it aligns perfectly on the action of your FX Impact without sideway movement.

Underneath the extended scope rail it features a clamping section over a decent amount of the barrel that fixates the barrel directly were it leaves the action of the rifle, so barrel and scope rail will create one integral part with you rifle scope, this will result in better accuracy, reducing barrel harmonics and creating an extra stiff barrel construction.
(Torque on the 6x M3 screws should be between 1.75-2Nm (±15-17.5 Inch.lbs)

Furthermore the massive 3 mm. wall thickness carbon sleeve, with an outside diameter of 20 mm, will stiffen the barrel even more, almost completely eliminating any barrel flex. The tensioner system reduces the amplitude of barrel movement during the shot, which results in better accuracy. The black anodized endcap is provided with 1/2UNF threads to accept an optional harmonic barrel tuner or moderator.

The carbon fiber sleeve will replace the FX factory shroud. (Barrel kit is not included)
The kit comes with a carbon fiber tensioner tube matching the selected length of your barrel kit and a full set of screw for assembling the kit.

Please Note:

– If you use a 600 mm long barrel, make sure you use a 480 or 300 CC bottle. Because a 580 CC bottle will interfere with an optional moderator due to the extra length.
-This kit is now also fully compatible with the FX Impact MK2 & M3 with the barrel front support with collar function (FX10339)

The benefits of the Huma-Air Extended Precision Scope Rail With Barrel Stiffener and Carbon Fiber Barrel Tensioner Set are:

  • Build in barrel clamp and stiffener system to reduce barrel harmonics.
  • Top rail with 30 MOA cant for long range shooting.
  • Perfect alignment of the rail on the action of your FX Impact by the milled in keyway.
  • 3 mm thick carbon fiber barrel sleeve with diameter of 20 mm for maximum stiffness of your barrel kit.
  • Extended scope rail gives sturdy look to your FX Impact.
  • Available for 600, 700 and 800 mm FX Impact barrel kits.
  • Barrel tensioner endcap is threaded with 1/2 UNF for fitting an extra barrel tuner or moderator.
  • Made out of aircraft aluminum, sand blasted and with black anodized finish.
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