Eaglevision FX Impact High Capacity Magazine (.22 & .25 Cal)


Huma single shot loader or single shot tray for the FX impact. For precise and undamaged loading of your selected pellets. Developed in cooperation with some leading bench rest shooters.


Please note:

You may be unable to fit our magazines to your gun if you are using after market non standard or non factory original part such as Brass Inlet Transfer Port. Before purchasing this magazine please make sure all your rifle parts are original.  We do not accept returns if magazines get dent or scratched for that reason.

This is a high capacity magazine, designed for the FX Impact platform. 

It is made of aluminum and cut by CNC machine. 

Improvements include:

  • Magnetic cover  
  • Higher capacity
  • Easy load 
  • Secure pellet retention 
  • Very smooth rotation
  • Numbered shot count
  • 177 (4.5mm) – 38 shots


Maximum Pellet & slugs length

11.5mm flat head

12mm dome head


This package includes:

  • 1 x 3mm Allen key

Please note: 

This product will not fit to the early model FX Impact’s, (MK1/2), unless they have been fitted with the adapter plate to accept larger capacity magazines.

This magazine is designed to be loaded once at a time by rotating the round pellet holder in the center. Make sure you block the hole from underneath with your finger.
In some calibers like 177 and 22 you can remove the magnetic cover to load like in the new FX magazines with short pellets. The 177 will not work with flat head pellets.

Additional information

Choose Caliber

.22Cal, .25Cal

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