Patchworm Plain Felt cleaning Buttons .30cal/7.50mm (50CT)


PatchWorm Plain felt cleaning buttons are very effective Lapping and or removing tough fouling. Hard felt conforms to the barrel lands and grooves for maximum contact. Just slide button on and pull it through. Can be used singly, stacked or even in tandem with patches – just slide patch on first, felt button second, then pull through. Generally, plain felt buttons and patches are sufficient for routine cleaning of most .30 Rifle Bores Works great with Wipe-Out and Patch-Out for jacketed bullet fouling.


.30 cal and larger felt buttons are for use with the standard green PFK rods, NOT the blue .17 cal rods.
.177 cal /4.5 mm felt is for use with the blue .17 cal rod only. Requires a twist to thread felt onto rod.

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